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Neil Jensen

Neil is a 1994 graduate of Northern State University, Aberdeen, SD. He is a published
outdoor writer, a touring professional on walleye circuits, a member of the NPAA (National Professional Angler Association), is on the Pro Staff for several companies, and is the founder of Walleyes -n- Warriors, a non-profit veterans fishing organization. In his limited free time he also serves as the president of the Henry School District.

As a tournament angler, Neil uses Contour Elite to get ahead of the learning curve when competing on unfamiliar water. Being able to study the lake from the comfort of his office allows him to take his time and identify areas of the lake that he wants to target. It gives him a competitive advantage because he can have better information pre-fishing locations.  Contour Elite allows him to concentrate on catching fish when he’s on the water rather than studying contours on his chartplotter.

As a guide, he has found Contour Elite a very useful tool on lakes that he fishes regularly. We are all creatures of habit. We get so familiar with our home lakes that we go to our favorite fishing spots and we keep fishing them even if the fish aren’t there. The best spots on a lake switch from season to season and even day to day. Neil uses Contour Elite to “relearn” his lake and some spots that he had forgotten or become overlooked. If his favorite spot isn’t producing fish, then he uses Contour Elite to identify the same characteristics elsewhere on the lake.

“Contour Elite is a valuable fishing tool if you are learning a new lake or need to relearn a familiar lake.“-Neil Jensen

Neil’s other sponsors include Northland Tackle and Scheels.

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