Mark Schram

Hometown- Fond du Lac, Wisconsin
Favorite Body of Water- Lake Winnebago and Bay of Green Bay

Mark Schram is an avid tournament fisherman, writer and educator, focusing most of his efforts within the state of Wisconsin. Schram has fished tournaments ranging from the Professional Walleye Trail (PWT), FLW (Wal-Mart) Pro Walleye Tour, AIM Pro Walleye Tour, National Walleye Tour (NWT), and many local fishing tournaments.

Schram maintains membership in the National Professional Anglers Association (#182). His outdoor articles can be found on (which Schram founded) or in national publications, such as Midwest Outdoors Magazine and local Gannet newspapers.

Frequently, Schram is found at kid’s fishing events helping develop the next generation of anglers. In addition, he is an active volunteer with Fishing Has No Boundaries for disabled adults.

“Every serious angler looks for trends and patterns when fishing in difficult conditions. Once a patterns emerges, it is often repeatable on similar structure. Contour Elite allows me to identify other high probability targets on the water before leaving the launch, cutting down search times, and often leading to higher levels of success. Using the 3D image feature, I can look at the physical attributes of the structure to find the “spot on the spot” to further reduce search times, especially when ice fishing.” –Mark Schram